Health Benefit

A cup of tea a day, keeps several diseases away! The regular tea-drinkers are healthier than the others. There are so many health benefits of tea apart from energizing the drinker. A cup of green tea can help you to stay fit and disease free.

Protection from diseases like cancer

Tea contains polyphenol compounds like catechins. These types of oxidants along with their biological actions prevent the drinker from diseases like colon, breast, lung, skin, intestine, pancreas, or liver cancers.

Tea boosts your exercise endurance

Most of the people sweat at the time of exercising. Boost your exercise endurance with just a cup of strong green tea. The antioxidants present in the green tea boosts the ability of the body to burn the excessive fat.


Tea is good for health especially when it comes to keeping the body hydrated. It has been found that intake of tea along with intake of right amount of water keeps the body hydrated.

Tea is the best anti-aging solution

Green tea has oxidants like oligomeric proanthocyanidins that protects the skin from different types of harmful free radicals. The radicals can damage the healthy skin cells. A cup of green tea every day slows down pre-aging and helps to retain a young look.

Green tea keeps you away from diabetes

Green tea must be taken by the diabetic patients. The higher levels of polyphenols in green tea help process sugar well.