Tea Guide

1. Get the water right

Fill the tea kettle with clean water and bring it to boil, until and unless you are brewing purely white or green tea. In this case, boil the water and then cool it down. If you are using a tea pot for making the tea, warm the pot in the beginning by swirling a splash of steaming water and then taking it out of the pot.

2. Infuse well

Pour the hot water over the tea leaves and then cover it if you are using a pot, and infuse to taste. Different types of tea leaves require different infusing time spans. Find the right steeping time but do not steep it for too long or your tea can taste bitter.

3. Enjoy your hot and flavorful cup

Once the right infusion is achieved, just remove the infuser and strain the tea leaves. Pour this infused tea in your favorite cup and enjoy every sip of it.

4. Make it cold!

a. Add 7-10 teaspoons of loose tea leaves to a 50oz pitcher

b. Next, pour approximately 2 cups of hot water first and then add 4 cups of cold water to it

c. Place the pitcher in the refrigerator and steep 2-6 hours

d. Pour and enjoy