Tea storage

Store your tea properly

The secret of a perfect cup of tea is the way the tea is stored. Tea, if stored in the right place and in the right manner, will retain the taste and flavor for a much longer time. We too store the teas in the best conditions to deliver you the premium product.

Do not let it stale

Stale tea is devoid of any color, flavor, and taste. Without a pleasant flavor and a good taste, tea ceases to be a relaxing beverage. Hence, the first and the foremost rule of storing tea well is not to let it stale as long as possible. Keep the freshly bought tea away from heat, and moisture to retain its original properties.

Use a non-plastic airtight jar for storing

An aluminum or tin airtight jar is best for storing tea. Plastic containers can transfer an odor which in turn can spoil the flavor and taste of the tea.

Cool, dark, and dry place

Heat and moisture spoils the original tea quality. So, a dark and a cool place will be good for storing it. Keeping the tea package in the refrigerator of on the stove can ruin it instantly.

Store the flavored and the non-flavored teas separately

Flavored teas must not be stored along with the non-flavored ones as the non-flavored ones will also get the flavors of the opposite category if stored together. A sniff test can be done before storing.