The Burrapahar Tea Estate was acquired by G.D Tie-up Pvt Ltd, a sister concern of Balaji Agro Pvt Limited in the year 2008. It happens to be the sole tea estate of Kaziranga National Park spread over an area of 300 hectares and has a producing capacity of over 8 lac Kgs P.A. along with a newly  renovated factory that works to produce premium CTC leaves.

Every single high yielding plants is cloned in our nursery under close observation of our environmental group which seeks to plant over 500,000 trees every year.

With careful husbandry and organized yielding process , our efficient team pays attention to meticulous details in order to deliver the very best.


Seleng is one of the most premium gardens in upper Assam which is a very high quality tea belt. Top quality tea is produced, which is in high demand in the international market. The estate was taken over in 2015 Spreading over 850 hectares, its annual production is approximately 6 lac Kgs per annum CTC & ORTHODOX . The soil is highly conducive to the growing of tea, Coupled with the very best of finding from our research  team , uprooting  and replanting are carried out on a regular basis along with closing of high yielding plants.



Dohaguri is owned by Sri Rama tea Manufacturing company which is a sister concern of Balaji Agro . the factory was acquainted is 2015 and is highly ecofriendly  in nature . The factory is located is the Dooars region  due to the favourable climate the area produces a rich variety of CTC teas. Due to its Rich Agro-climate , the area produces vibrant and robust teas of the CTC variety which is must sought after by the local market. 


Samal Valley

The Samal Valley tea estate , located in the Samal Bung district of Nepal, geographically adjacent to Darjeeling district in north-east India. Is only divided by the borders of the two countries . However, this region has the same quality and tenderness of Darjeeling Teas. The tea leaves display delightful shades of green and make for a bright golden liquoring cup of tea. The flavour moves towards an exquisite astringent finish on the palate.

The factory was founded in 2012. It is famous in producing black orthodox teas, along with golden and silver tips.

Located at a height of 5210ft, it has an annual production capacity of 350,000 Kgs.